How to choose best web hosting service

How to choose best web hosting service?

Web Hosting Service is very important and primary requirement to get online of any business domain, while choosing an web hosting provider is not much easy.  Here i will explain you few important point regarding the web hosting service, before purchasing the web hosting service subscription for your domain name.


5 Most Important Features of web hosting provider

  1. Friendly Customer Support: Friendly customer service most important part in web hosting service, while you select a new hosting provider for your new domain so first you check how the provide customer service. There are many medium as like blow.
    • Telephone Support
    • Online Chat Support
    • Email / Ticket Support
    • Video Tutorials etc.
  1. Up time & Down time: Most of web hosting companies provide 99.99% up time server response. Means your website will be running and your users can access your site at all times. But is the web hosting service that you’re considering to take, you may conform the up time and down time, you have to track record of the web hosting provider from which you are planing to purchase. you may compare with their competitors. when you will face down time your provider will not response you they will not provide support during the down time.
  1. Control Panel access: Control panel is tools to manage web hosting space in easy way, CPanel control panel majorly used for Linux web hosting, but many hosting provider companies will only provide FTP username and password. Ask for hosting provider for weather they will provide an individual control panel for your account?. if you get an individual control panel then you can do a lot of thing this. like creating new FTP account, create mail account, creating database and their users, you can easily drag and droop files from file manager.  The feature makes it easy and convenient to install a blog, CMS portal or other useful application on your site with minimal effort.
  1. Web-related consulting services: If you planning for website it is not means it will stop up to domain registration and web  hosting, you many need more then hosting, you may also check the web hosting provider’s other services,  weather they provide web design and development service, Seo and digital marketing service appear in their service menu list? defiantly when you choose a web hosting service provider you will  be needed other service also. Many big service provider will not provide design and development services. then you have to find out an other service provider for that.
  1. Price: Web hosting and their service price are very close to all service provider. But some hosting provider will make you fool by their advertising, they show their price very low which will not actual as per ads or it may be for only first month or first year. Ask for the next year renewal price for web hosting and domain.
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